Blog and Article Publishing and Authorship Policies

Kaleidoscope Fighting Lupus (KFL) attributes authorship of all blogs and articles in accordance with online best practices and as described by the American Psychology Association (APA).  Authorship is attributed to the primary* author(s) at the time of publishing and attribution is designated within the text of the blog/article.

Primary authorship is given to the original author(s) of a blog or article.  For blog/articles written by two or more authors, attribution of authorship may be designated as “KFL Team.”

All sources are referenced using APA standards and styles.


Revision Policy

Blogs and articles are regularly reviewed by KFL staff and advisors to ensure that they are relevant and up-to-date.  Minor revisions or changes to graphics or tables will not change the authorship of the blog/article.

Revisions may be required for blogs and articles for several reasons:

  • Medical research may significantly change the scientific basis for the blog/article.
  • Changes in medical practices and/or government policies may require minor or major updates and revisions.
  • Some blogs are time-dependent or include data that change on a regular basis, such as the annual CDC recommendations for flu vaccinations.
  • The focus or “voice” of the blog/article is no longer sufficient or appropriate, and requires significant rewriting.

For minor revisions, the original author and year of publication will remain, with the addition of the authorship and year of revision.

For major revisions, such as those requiring changes to 50% or more of the text, or if the revision includes the work of 3 or more authors, the authorship will be attributed to the “KFL Team.”  This policy is in place to protect the voice and intent of the original author in case these revisions no longer reflect their original intent.  Yet, the original author is still noted as part of the larger KFL Team.

Note:  All blogs and articles published on the Kaleidoscope Fighting Lupus website, whether by employees or guest authors, are the property of Kaleidoscope Fighting Lupus unless otherwise by prior agreement between KFL and the author.


KFL Policy 394    Adopted (9/2017) Revised (5/2018)