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Lupus and Allergies

Contents: Introduction Food Allergies Drug Allergies Environmental Allergies Outlook   Introduction Lupus is an autoimmune disease that affects around 1.5 million people in the United States.  It is a chronic condition where the immune system attacks the healthy cells and tissues in the body by mistake.  Like lupus, allergies result from an overactive immune response…

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Neonatal Lupus

Contents: What is Neonatal Lupus? Symptoms Diagnosis Treatment Outlook   What is Neonatal Lupus? Women who suffer with active lupus have a higher risk of having complications with pregnancy. These complications include preeclampsia, miscarriage and preterm delivery. One of the other rare complications that can occur is neonatal lupus. Neonatal lupus is an autoimmune disorder that is…

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LUPUS FATIGUE: Symptoms and Treatment

Contents: Lupus Fatigue: Cause and Symptoms What Helps: Treatment and Preventative Measures Closing  Sometimes the only time I don’t feel tired is when I am exhausted.  I am sure many of you who have dealt with debilitating lupus fatigue can say you have felt the same way.  Can I get an “AMEN!?!?”  Too tired to…

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OH THE NERVE! Lupus and the Nervous System

Contents: Cognitive Dysfunction Migraines CNS Vasculitis Fibromyalgia Organic Brain Syndrome Central Nervous System Lupus Tests and Diagnostics Outlook    When you say your lupus is “getting on your nerves” you may be completely accurate.  Sadly, Lupus can attack the nervous system as easily as it can attack your joints, skin or any other part of…

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Discoid Lupus

Contents: Discoid Lupus What are the four types of lupus? What are the different types of lupus rashes? Who gets discoid lupus and can it turn into systemic lupus? Is discoid lupus contagious? How is it diagnosed and treated? Tips and Advice   Discoid Lupus Lupus is a widespread and chronic (lifelong) autoimmune disease that, for…

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