Dear Friends of Kaleidoscope Fighting Lupus,

On behalf of our management team, I would like to give my heartfelt and cheery thanks to all of you who have donated your time, talents, tales and yes, financial contributions to Kaleidoscope Fighting Lupus!  Without you, we would not have accomplished so much and touched so many lives.  I encourage you to explore our website and see for yourself the depth and diversity of the work your support has made possible.  If you are a long-time friend, I hope you genuinely feel part of our community, and if you have just come across Kaleidoscope Fighting Lupus – welcome, we’re glad you’re here.

We have tremendous hope in the potential that lies ahead in the coming year,  including the continuation of our traditional social events, such as Serving Up Style and the Butterfly Walk, expansion of our excellent online support and social media outreach, and the development of new initiatives with the medical community. As you can see, 2018 is filled with promise.

Our small but mighty staff, along with our Board of Directors, is dedicated to our mission and remains steadfast in doing whatever we can to serve you, our community.

With deepest gratitude and enthusiastic optimism,

Torey Browne, MAIS – Executive Director