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Molly's Fund receives $3 million grant

Molly’s Fund receives $3 million grant

An anonymous donor is providing a huge boost to a Clackamas-based nonprofit that is working to fight lupus.

Molly’s Fund, which was started just over six years ago by the mother and daughter team of Debbie and Molly McCabe, announced Wednesday, Dec. 11, that it would receive a $3 million grant for program-capacity building, awareness and education outreach and direct support for lupus patients in the Northwest.

“I’ve been helping nonprofits for decades,” said Debbie McCabe. “I’ve never seen a generous and anonymous gift like this in my career. It’s simply breathtaking and wondrous. After receiving the grant, Molly’s Fund has been strategizing and planing for the capacity, programs, outreach we’ve dreamed about for years, and it’s coming true.”

Six years ago, the two McCabes vowed to make a difference for those with lupus after Molly had been diagnosed with the disease.

“When I was diagnosed with lupus, the fear of the unknown was terrible,” said Molly McCabe. “I thought I was going to die, and the websites and information available was inconsistent and mostly wrong. I’ve worked hard to change that for those who have been diagnosed, to elevate that fear, and give them a home and community they can feel safe, secure and supported. Now we can do even more.”

David Szyplinski, executive director of Molly’s Fund, added: “Molly’s Fund started out as an idea for change, and due to someone’s immense belief in our mission, they have given us help to become one of the leading lupus awareness, education and support organizations in the Northwest. It’s truly a blessing.”

Molly’s Fund conducts support groups, both online and in various locations, manages a comprehensive website providing vital information for those with lupus, is very active with social media and engages the lupus community, and works to spur doctors, hospitals and governments for better services, support and eventually a cure.

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