Welcome to our online series of lupus educational videos and symposiums!  

These presentations feature lupus experts, researchers, physicians, nutritionists, therapists and patients about living healthily with lupus, lupus nephritis and overlapping conditions.

Emotional Health, Lupus and Lupus Nephritis: Managing Your Wellbeing


If you are living with lupus or lupus nephritis (LN), it can feel as if there is so much beyond your control. This educational video provides practical suggestions about the things that you CAN control!

How?  In this video, learn to take care of your emotional health by focusing on the things that empower you as a patient, such as complying with your treatment plan and making healthy lifestyle choices. Experts provide a holistic approach to thriving with LN while providing practical tips and tools regarding the emotional health for those living with lupus nephritis. For those with lupus and lupus nephritis, the emotional toll can be just as devastating as the physical symptoms. Moreover, emotional health can be difficult to talk about and too easily ignored.


Presenters include:

Angela Farrar Small, MSW, LICSW, Mdiv, MS – a licensed clinical social worker and therapist who discusses the emotional aspects of living with lupus nephritis. She describes a number of strategies that each of us can use to become more self-aware and help heal our emotional selves.

Sharon Dowell, MD – a practicing rheumatologist and professor at Howard University Hospital. She draws on her medical experience with lupus nephritis patients in describing how to better manage health and wellbeing through diet, regular exercise, healthy sleep patterns and more.


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