Welcome to our online series of lupus educational videos and symposiums!  

These presentations feature lupus experts, researchers, physicians, nutritionists, therapists and patients about living healthily with lupus, lupus nephritis and overlapping conditions.

Entering the Rheum: Preparing for Your Doctor Visit and Beyond

This KFL symposium highlights the tools lupus patients need to prepare for successful visits to they physician, rheumatologist or other healthcare provider – whether they are starting with a new doctor or continuing with one that they have seen for years.  Topics include important aspects of both in-person and telemedicine appointments.

The goal of this symposium is patient empowerment. By taking both an active and proactive role, the patient becomes a partner in shared decision-making and in the delivery of their own healthcare. This could lead to better tracking of their symptoms, as well as greater adherence to their treatment in order to reach the best outcomes possible.

The presenters include:

Sharon Dowell, MD, a licensed, clinical rheumatologist and Assistant Professor of Medicine at Howard University Hospital


Arnita Roberts-Christie, RN, BSN, MS, a patient engagement liaison with GlaxoSmithKline (GSK).


We thank GSK for their generous sponsorship of this educational video!