We welcome you to our online series of lupus (and autoimmune conditions) Symposiums! Join us as we hear from lupus experts, doctors, nutritionists, and patients, and learn more about living healthily with lupus and other autoimmune conditions together.

Lupus Through the Looking Glass: Health Inside and Out

In this video symposium, medical and industry experts explore the relationships among autoimmunity, digestive health and aesthetics.

This event features presenters with expertise in the fields of dermatology, lupus and the aesthetics of the skin and hair, including:

Dr. Teri Greiling, MD, PhD, OHSU
Dr. Greiling discusses her cutting edge research on the relationship between digestive health – specifically the body’s microbiome – and lupus.

Additionally, as a dermatologist, she specializes in how autoimmune conditions and medications affect the skin. She discusses the symptoms and most current treatments for dermatological lupus.

Dojo Aguilar, MSN and Patient Engagement Liaison for GSK
Mr. Aguilar presents on how best to communicate with your medical provider and healthcare team.


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We are deeply grateful to our major sponsor, GSK, for making this symposium possible!