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coping with lupus

Symptoms of Lupus in Men

  Symptoms of Lupus in Men Lupus is not a women’s disease.  It is a disease that can affect any demographic category and gender, though it affects women the most. This article outlines how to recognize the symptoms of lupus in men and why they experience lupus differently compared to women. Introduction Why is SLE…

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10 Tips for Parents Living with Chronic Disease

Contents: Parenting with a Chronic Illness 10 Helpful Tips For Parents Living with Chronic Disease Conclusion   Parenting with a Chronic Illness “My top priority with parenting with my chronic illness was to make sure that my children always felt safe and loved. Assuring stability and normality even when I didn’t feel well, made them…

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Lupus in Children 682x302

Lupus in Children

Contents: Lupus in Children Causes Diagnosing Lupus in Children What is the treatment for lupus in children? What is the prognosis or long-term outlook for children diagnosed with lupus? Helping your child cope with a lupus diagnosis In Conclusion   Lupus in Children Children playing doctor is normal, but a real visit with your child…

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Invisible Illness: “But you look so good.”

Contents: What is an Invisible Illness? Labeling and Stigmas for those with Invisible Illness Understanding Invisible Illness   What is an Invisible Illness? Have you ever seen someone park in a handicap spot and look  perfectly healthy as they step out of the car? You wonder, “They’re not disabled, they can walk just fine! They…

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Coping With Lupus

Coping with Lupus: How Does Lupus Affect Your State of Mind and Body?

Contents: Coping with Lupus Some Main Challenges you May Face Things You Can Do To Help Yourself With hope, there are always possibilities   Coping with Lupus Whether you have been recently diagnosed with lupus or have been living with it for many years, learning to live with, what can be a very debilitating disease,…

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