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Many with lupus want to know that they are not alone, that their journey is shared, that the adversity, and successes that each individual’s experience might give hope to another. Fill out the form below to share your story of hope with us and our lupus community in 75 words or less*, attaching a photo of you as well. This photo can be of you alone or with a loved one like a child or a pet! If you do not opt to send a photo, we will post your story with a lupus informational graphic. We would also love to hear how Kaleidoscope Fighting Lupus has helped you if you would be so kind as to share that information with us and our community.

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    The purpose of Tell Us Your Story is to give a face and voice to lupus. I understand that my participation is completely voluntary and that participation or non-participation will have no impact on my ability to use any part of the Kaleidoscope Fighting Lupus website.

    I further understand that the Kaleidoscope Fighting Lupus website is meant to be educational and is not meant to diagnose illness or replace normal health care services. By providing Kaleidoscope Fighting Lupus with information about myself and/or my diagnosis or other health information, I am not seeking, and I understand that Kaleidoscope Fighting Lupus is not offering to establish, a patient-health care provider relationship with me.

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