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What is in a name, our name - Kaleidoscope

The term “kaleidoscope” is a wonderful metaphor of our mission as an organization and of the medical community’s evolving understanding of lupus as a disease. For one thing, lupus is now recognized as, not so much a single, discrete disease, but rather a collection – a kaleidoscope – of symptoms involving autoimmunity.

Coincidentally, the term kaleidoscope also refers to a collection of butterflies, and the butterfly is the internationally recognized emblem for lupus.

In light of these inspirations, and of our goal to broaden the scope of our programs and community – we have adopted a name that reflects this combination of individuality and diversity – Kaleidoscope Fighting Lupus!

What we're all about

Our Focus

Transform lupus into a widely recognized and treatable disease.

Conduct major awareness campaigns about the disease and its effects.

Attract political, public and individual support in the form of more research and resource dollars in the fight against lupus.

Maintain and advance services and programs for those living with lupus.

Our Actions

Emergency Client Assistance – We provide direct emergency financial assistance and long-term solutions for those living with lupus in our community.*

Online Support Groups – We offer those without access to a local group, or anyone who wants additional support, an avenue to connect and chat live with lupus professionals, advocates and members of the larger lupus support community.

On Ground Support Groups – No one should fight lupus alone.  By building a network of support groups, we provide a way for those living with lupus to share, be heard and learn form each other.

Advocacy and Awareness – Through our educational symposiums, social media, and community outreach, we are raising understanding and awareness for lupus.

Our Name

The term “Kaleidoscope” is a powerful symbol that reflects both the uniqueness of each individual and the beauty and resiliency of the entire lupus community! “Kaleidoscope” also embodies two other reasons: Medically, lupus is more and more, recognized as a collection ofsymptoms and autoimmune manifestations not just a single, distinct disease. In order to describe this change, the medical community is referring to lupus as a kaleidoscope autoimmune disease –where causes and symptoms seem to move and change. Metaphorically, from the very beginning, we adopted the butterfly as a symbol of our organization. It is been reflected in our logo and is internationally recognized as an emblem for lupus. As we broaden our mission to include a larger, more active community, we chose the term for a large collection of butterflies -a kaleidoscope!

Our Ultimate Goal

Our goal is to seek a cure for all forms of lupus. We hope for a day when no one has to live with this illness. Until then, we will fight on.

Management Team

Torey Browne

Executive Director

Jamie Buckiewicz

Community Outreach & Events

Taylor Garber

Creative Director

Elizabeth Heintz

Board of Directors

Volunteer with Us

We Need You

Our amazing volunteers help power every aspect of our organization, from planning, managing, and assisting with events to co-creating innovative programs. Your time and skills could be invaluable to implementing the mission of Kaleidoscope Fighting Lupus. Please consider being an important part of what we do. If you have time to donate for our fight against lupus, we welcome you!

Please fill out the form below if you would like to learn more about volunteering with us.