Lupus Awareness Month 2020

Kaleidoscope Fighting Lupus is joining organizations all across the United States in celebrating Lupus Awareness Month with events, fundraising and social media.  Help us spread the word about lupus and those living with it – so that one day, we can find a cure!

Unfortunately, in 2020, the world has changed, and so must our celebration of Lupus Awareness Month.  With the uncertainty over COVID-19 and for the safety of our community, we have cancelled, postponed or changed in other ways our events for the month.


 World Lupus Awareness Day:  We invited everyone to send us a photo of themselves wearing purple and/or teal  (by May 9, 2020). On May 10th, we posted them on our social media platforms and website.

Lupus Through the Looking Glass:  Our educational symposium scheduled for May 3, will not take place in person, but will instead be released as an online, virtual event that can be found here:

Lupus Through the Looking Glass:  Health Inside and Out


KFL Portland Support Group Celebration:  Our annual local support group dinner and celebration scheduled for May 9, has been rescheduled.  Check with our social media or inquire at [email protected] for updates on this event.

For much of the world outside of the US, October is also Lupus Awareness Month, and we will join with our partners in the UK and others to spread the awareness of lupus in that month as well.

Even with these changes, we will continue to raise awareness of lupus to the broader, global community throughout the month of May using our social media platforms.  So, join us there, spread the word, share the posts and together we will make our voices heard!

Community Partners

Every year...

Every year, these organizations help us out through fundraising and community building.  Now, it is the time for us to help them out!

While they may not be open normal hours throughout May, please help by thanking these companies and giving them your business when they re-open.

Thank you!