Educational Videos

Welcome to our online series of lupus educational videos and symposiums!  

These presentations feature lupus experts, researchers, physicians, nutritionists, therapists and patients about living healthily with lupus, lupus nephritis and overlapping conditions.

Discoid Lupus: Diagnosis, Treatment and Thriving


Discoid lupus is a form of chronic cutaneous lupus (CCLE) that affects about 20% of those SLE.  In this video, Don Thomas, MD, describes the symptoms of discoid lupus, how it is diagnosed and treated drawing from his research and personal experience.  Dr. Thomas does this by describing the myths and facts surrounding this condition.

Presenter: Don Thomas, MD, clinical rheumatologist with Arthritis & Pain of Prince George’s County; Clinical Associate of Medicine, Uniformed Services University, and author of The Lupus Encyclopedia, First and Second Editions.


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