Educational Videos

Welcome to our online series of lupus educational videos and symposiums!  

These presentations feature lupus experts, researchers, physicians, nutritionists, therapists and patients about living healthily with lupus, lupus nephritis and overlapping conditions.

Lupus: What Happens to Your Body During a Lupus Flare?


This KFL educational video focuses on the physical, emotional and medical aspects of lupus flares  – from the triggers and symptoms of a flare, to advice on how to deal with flares when they happen.

The goal of this video is to empower those living with lupus to understand their health, manage their symptoms and effectively communicate with their healthcare providers.

Presenters include:

Sharon Dowell, MDis a practicing rheumatologist and professor at Howard University Hospital.  She is truly committed to helping those living with lupus.

Tatiana Spiegler, MSN, RN, PHN is a Registered Nurse and Patient Engagement Liaison with GSK.  Tatiana is a passionate champion for those living with lupus, and in this video, she discusses the practical tools and tips you can use to track your lupus flare symptoms, stick to your treatment plan, and effectively communicate with your healthcare providers.



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