Educational Videos

Welcome to our online series of lupus educational videos and symposiums!  

These presentations feature lupus experts, researchers, physicians, nutritionists, therapists and patients about living healthily with lupus, lupus nephritis and overlapping conditions.

What Nephrologists Want You to Know About Lupus Nephritis


This KFL educational video is one in a series of videos focused on the importance of detecting lupus nephritis early and what you can do to limit kidney damage.  Dr. German Hernandez describes how a nephrologist approaches the diagnosis of lupus nephritis, issues surrounding treatment and provides his perspective on how to prepare for your appointments with a nephrologist.

The goal of this video is to empower those living with lupus and lupus nephritis to understand their health risks for kidney damage associated with SLE, the diagnosis and manage their symptoms and to have the tools to effectively communicate with their healthcare providers.



German Hernandez, MD is a practicing nephrologist, Director at El Paso Kidney Specialists, and a Clinical Associate Professor of Internal Medicine at Texas Tech University Health Science Center El Paso.


We thank our Presenting Sponsor, Aurinia Pharmaceuticals, for their generous support in making this video possible!


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