Elizabeth Heintz

Lupus and Menopause

We are fortunate to live in a day and age when many of us can speak openly about sexual health and well-being, and it’s no longer considered taboo to discuss menopause.  Once whispered under the breath – and never around men – “the change of life” was something you only discussed with your bestie or…

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Lupus and Raynaud’s Syndrome

One of the more common overlapping conditions with some of us living with lupus, is Raynauld’s Phenomenon.  This blog describes the condition, what to look for, and how it can be managed. Contents: Introduction Raynaud’s Phenomenon and its Symptoms What causes Raynaud’s Phenomenon? How is Raynaud’s Phenomenon diagnosed? Treating Raynaud’s Phenomenon Preventing or Minimizing Symptoms…

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Lupus and the Flu Shot: What You Need to Know

It is the beginning of the 2019-20 flu season, and here are some important things to think about concerning the flu and flu vaccinations. If you have lupus, you should strongly consider speaking to your doctor about getting a seasonal flu vaccine.  In this blog, we will answer many questions regarding this particular type of vaccination….

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