Monoclonal Antibodies and Lupus

For some with lupus, monoclonal antibodies are life-changing medications that reduce the need for corticosteroids and immunosuppressants – and their side effects.  How do monoclonal antibodies work and are they an option for you?  Read on to find out! Introduction What are antibodies and what is so special about monoclonal antibodies? How do monoclonal antibodies…

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Lupus and Infertility

Both women and men with lupus dreaming of starting a family may struggle with infertility. However, with today’s medical technologies, infertility can be treatable and even preventable! Introduction to Lupus and Infertility Who is at greatest risk, and what are the risk factors for infertility in lupus? How can emotional health influence fertility? How is…

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Lupus and Telemedicine

Today, millions are receiving at least some of their healthcare virtually – through online medical visits. Read about this rapidly evolving practice, and how it can support healthcare for individuals with lupus. Introduction Telemedicine Versus In-Office Visits for Chronic Illness The Pros and Cons of Telemedicine Telemedicine and HIPAA How to Prepare for a Virtual…

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