Human Biology and Anatomy

Lupus and Disorders of the Ear

There are estimates that up to 70% of those with SLE report problems with hearing and/or feeling dizzy. If that statistic perks up your ears, keep reading! Introduction to Lupus and Disorders of the Ear A Quick Anatomy of Hearing and Balance How can lupus cause ear and hearing disorders? How to Protect Hearing and…

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Dealing with Dialysis While Living with Lupus

Approximately 10% to 25% of those with lupus nephritis may develop end-stage renal disease (ESRD) and require dialysis. If you have SLE and need dialysis, read on to find out what it means and how it could affect your life. Introduction to Lupus and Kidney Dialysis What is dialysis? What does dialysis mean for someone…

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Lupus and the Lymphatic System

The human body has over 600 lymph nodes, and during a lupus flare, every single one of those 600 lymph nodes can react and become swollen.  And if that isn’t enough, lymph nodes are only one part of a vast network of tissues and pathways that make up the lymphatic system – a key player…

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