Lupus and Brain Fog

An estimated 80% of individuals with lupus will experience brain fog. Learning what may contribute to brain fog and how to manage it can improve day-to-day quality of life.   Introduction Characteristics of Lupus Brain Fog What Causes Lupus Brain Fog? Testing Cognitive Function Managing Lupus Brain Fog Impact of Lupus Brain Fog on Quality…

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Dealing With a Lupus Depression: How Do You Cope?

Researchers of a 2017 meta-study published in the journal BMC Psychiatry found that approximately 25% 0f individuals with lupus experience depression. You may be one of those individuals who suffer from this often debilitating condition, especially when trying to come to terms with having lupus. Why does this happen and what can you do to…

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Living with Lupus: Managing Other People’s Feelings When You Are Ill

Sometimes the hardest part of telling others that you have lupus is managing how they deal with your news. Read more about the complex emotions that can arise from a lupus diagnosis. Introduction Fear of the Unknown Vulnerability Trust Jealousy Guilt and Shame In Conclusion   Introduction Having a chronic disease like lupus can be difficult, to say the…

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Teens with Lupus: Questions and Answers To Help Teens Deal

Contents: What are the facts? How to Deal with Depression & Anxiety How to Deal with Worry About the Future How to Deal with Social Activities How to Deal with Explaining Lupus to Your Friends How to Deal with Your Parents or Guardian How to Deal with Dating Important Resources   When a teenager or…

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The Mind-Body Connection

Contents: What is the Mind-Body Connection? How can emotions affect physical well-being? How do you achieve balance and build a stronger mind-body connection?   What is the Mind-Body Connection? The term “mind-body connection” refers to the way your body responds to the way you think, feel, and act.  Stress, anxiety, emotional distress can cause negative…

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Coping With Lupus

Coping with Lupus: How Does Lupus Affect Your State of Mind and Body?

Contents: Coping with Lupus Some Main Challenges you May Face Things You Can Do To Help Yourself With hope, there are always possibilities   Coping with Lupus Whether you have been recently diagnosed with lupus or have been living with it for many years, learning to live with, what can be a very debilitating disease,…

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