Nervous System

Lupus and Seizures

Seizures are one of the most common neurological lupus symptoms – affecting about 10% of those living with SLE.  What are the causes of seizures with lupus, and how are they diagnosed and treated?  Read on to find out! . Introduction More About Seizures Lupus and Seizures Diagnosing and Treating Lupus Seizures In Conclusion ….

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Neuropsychiatric Lupus

Lupus may affect the central nervous system in possibly up to 40% of those living with SLE.  Often labelled by the rather scary sounding name, “neuropsychiatric lupus,” its symptoms can range from mild brain fog and headaches to more serious conditions like memory loss, seizures, strokes and others that can dramatically affect quality of life. …

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Lupus and Neurotransmitters

Lupus can attack any part of the body, and that includes the brain – causing lupus fog, memory problems and even mood swings.  Neurotransmitters, are your brain’s chemical messengers and they are definitely part of the possible.  What are neurotransmitters and why does it matter to those living with lupus?  Read on to find out! …

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