Mind/Body Connection

Lupus and the Healing Power of Belief

You may hold the key to feeling better simply by believing.  Whether through spiritual faith or confidence in medicine, belief can have a powerful healing effect. Introduction to Lupus and the Power of Belief The Biology and Psychology of Belief How can I improve my attitude and my lupus symptoms? In Conclusion Introduction to Lupus…

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Lupus and Headaches

It is estimated that over 70% of those with SLE experience some kind of headaches at one time or another throughout the course of the disease. Do you suffer and wonder why your head pounds, making you feel miserable? Read on to find out why. Introduction What are the most common types of headaches for…

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Lupus and Brain Fog

An estimated 80% of individuals with lupus will experience brain fog. Learning what may contribute to brain fog and how to manage it can improve day-to-day quality of life.   Introduction Characteristics of Lupus Brain Fog What Causes Lupus Brain Fog? Testing Cognitive Function Managing Lupus Brain Fog Impact of Lupus Brain Fog on Quality…

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Your “New” Normal: Finding Joy After A Lupus Diagnosis

Contents: Introduction Steps to Creating Your New Normal           Start your day the right way… with an attitude of gratitude           Praise yourself for who you are not what you do           Let go of the past           Welcome new experiences    …

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The Mind-Body Connection

Contents: What is the Mind-Body Connection? How can emotions affect physical well-being? How do you achieve balance and build a stronger mind-body connection?   What is the Mind-Body Connection? The term “mind-body connection” refers to the way your body responds to the way you think, feel, and act.  Stress, anxiety, emotional distress can cause negative…

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Coping With Lupus

Coping with Lupus: How Does Lupus Affect Your State of Mind and Body?

Contents: Coping with Lupus Some Main Challenges you May Face Things You Can Do To Help Yourself With hope, there are always possibilities   Coping with Lupus Whether you have been recently diagnosed with lupus or have been living with it for many years, learning to live with, what can be a very debilitating disease,…

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