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Lupus, Nicotine and Smoking

You probably know the statistics – that cigarettes and smoking are incredibly addictive and unhealthy, containing thousands of toxic chemicals, but did you know that it is even worst for those living with lupus? Read on to find out why! Introduction to Lupus, Nicotine, and Smoking How does quitting help? In Conclusion . Introduction to…

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Spoon Theory

Finding the right words to put living with lupus in perspective can be difficult.   Spoon Theory to the rescue! What is Spoon Theory? Who is a Spoonie? Life as a Spoonie In Conclusion What is Spoon Theory? In 2003, Christine Miserandino created The Spoon Theory to explain what life is like for someone living…

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Lupus and Dry, Brittle Hair – “Lupus Hair”

Lupus, and all that comes with it, can have a serious effect on your hair.  Dry, brittle hair that easily breaks off is one aspect that can really be alarming.  However, there are simple things you can do to lessen the damage.  Continue reading to find out why ”lupus hair” happens, and what can you…

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