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Lupus and Low Disease Activity

While living lupus-free is the ideal goal, what is the optimal goal for an individual living with lupus in the here-and-now? Achieving Lupus Low Disease Activity State (LLDAS) is key to feeling your best with a minimum of symptoms and medications in order to maintain a good quality of life. What does LLDAS look like,…

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Lupus and Nutrition

A good diet should be a priority for everyone. However, when there are complex lupus symptoms to manage, you have to go above and beyond the basic nutritional guidelines. This isn’t always and easy thing to do. Introduction Basic Dietary Guidelines to Follow When You Have Lupus The Impact of Good Nutrition on Lupus Dietary…

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Lupus and the Biology of Digestion

More than 50% of those with lupus experience some kind of digestive system disorder.  Here is an overview of this complex part of the human body and how it can be affected by lupus, lupus medications and other conditions associated with SLE. Introduction Basics of the Digestive System General Effects of Lupus and Medications Specific…

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Summertime Blues

The song “Summertime,” made famous by the incomparable Ella Fitzgerald, starts like this: “Summertime, and the livin’ is easy… Fish are jumpin’ and the cotton is high…” Now, If you have lupus or another lupus overlap disease, you may relate MORE with lyrics like this: “Summertime, and the livin’ is weezy… Joints are hurtin’ and…

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The Lupus Butterfly Rash: Information You Need to Know

  Contents: >What is a malar or butterfly rash? >What can cause a butterfly rash? >How do I know if it’s lupus? >The Differences Between Rosacea and Malar Rashes >Types of Lupus Rashes >Treatment >Prevention Tips >Dr. Nisha Desai Presentation on Lupus and Your Skin >In Conclusion What is a malar or butterfly rash? Derived…

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Symptoms of Lupus in Men

  Symptoms of Lupus in Men Lupus is not a women’s disease.  It is a disease that can affect any demographic category and gender, though it affects women the most. This article outlines how to recognize the symptoms of lupus in men and why they experience lupus differently compared to women. Introduction Why is SLE…

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Lupus in Children 682x302

Lupus in Children

Contents: Lupus in Children Causes Diagnosing Lupus in Children What is the treatment for lupus in children? What is the prognosis or long-term outlook for children diagnosed with lupus? Helping your child cope with a lupus diagnosis In Conclusion   Lupus in Children Children playing doctor is normal, but a real visit with your child…

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“Lupus Secrets”: Lupus information you need to know

Contents: Who is Dr. Thomas? What did others think of the webinar and is it worth watching? The “Lupus Secrets” Webinar Video Recording of the “Lupus Secrets” Presentation The 28 Lupus “Secrets” by Dr. Donald Thomas   We were so incredibly impressed by the “Lupus Secrets” that Dr. Donald Thomas shared with Kaleidoscope Fighting Lupus,…

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Lupus Awareness Month 2018

Kaleidoscope Fighting Lupus May is National Lupus Awareness Month – a time for Kaleidoscope Fighting Lupus and partnering organizations across the country to highlight the disease. May 10th is World Lupus Day bringing global awareness to this disease.  Lupus is a global health problem affecting millions of people of all nationalities, races, ethnicities, genders and…

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Lupus Flares: Recognizing one, triggers, and prevention

Contents: What is lupus? What is a lupus flare and how do I recognize one? So how is a lupus flare recognized? What can trigger a lupus flare? Can anything prevent a lupus flare?   What is lupus?  Systemic lupus erythematosus is a very long name for a very complicated disease that is more commonly known…

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