Lupus Flare


“Lupus Secrets”: Lupus information you need to know

Contents: Who is Dr. Thomas? What did others think of the webinar and is it worth watching? The “Lupus Secrets” Webinar Video Recording of the “Lupus Secrets” Presentation The 28 Lupus “Secrets” by Dr. Donald Thomas   We were so incredibly impressed by the “Lupus Secrets” that Dr. Donald Thomas shared with Kaleidoscope Fighting Lupus,…

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Lupus Flares: Recognizing one, triggers, and prevention

Contents: What is lupus? What is a lupus flare and how do I recognize one? So how is a lupus flare recognized? What can trigger a lupus flare? Can anything prevent a lupus flare?   What is lupus?  Systemic lupus erythematosus is a very long name for a very complicated disease that is more commonly known…

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