The Lupus Butterfly Rash: Information You Need to Know

  Contents: >What is a malar or butterfly rash? >What can cause a butterfly rash? >How do I know if it’s lupus? >The Differences Between Rosacea and Malar Rashes >Types of Lupus Rashes >Treatment >Prevention Tips >Dr. Nisha Desai Presentation on Lupus and Your Skin >In Conclusion What is a malar or butterfly rash? Derived…

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Lupus and Photosensitivity: When the Sun is Your Enemy

If you have lupus, you might be photosensitive – meaning you have an unusually strong reaction to sunlight.  In fact, about two-thirds of the people with lupus are UV light-sensitive.  Many experience an increase in lupus symptoms after being exposed to ultraviolet (UV) rays, either from the sun or from artificial light. Are you photosensitive?…

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Lupus and the Eyes

INTRODUCTION Lupus  (Systemic Lupus Erythematosus) is a widespread and chronic inflammatory autoimmune disease that, for unknown reasons, causes the immune system to attack the body’s own tissue and organs.  Lupus causes a variety of symptoms and most often affects the heart, joints, skin, lungs, blood vessels, kidney and the central nervous system (CNS).  It can…

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