The Doctors

Lupus and Telemedicine

Today, millions are receiving at least some of their healthcare virtually – through online medical visits. Read about this rapidly evolving practice, and how it can support healthcare for individuals with lupus. Introduction Telemedicine Versus In-Office Visits for Chronic Illness The Pros and Cons of Telemedicine Telemedicine and HIPAA How to Prepare for a Virtual…

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Diagnosing Lupus and Lupus Tests

Do you think you may have lupus?  Understanding the complex, multi-step process of getting a lupus diagnosis is one of the most common questions we get and there is no easy answer. The goal of this blog is to describe the most common aspects of the diagnosis process so that you can approach your healthcare practitioner…

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Lupus Defintition

Doctors Who Treat Lupus

Contents: Introduction Types of Doctors That Treat Lupus:      Dermatologist      Cardiologist      Clinical Immunologist      Endocrinologist      Family Doctor      Gastroenterologist      Hematologist      Nephrologist      Neurologist      Perinatologist      Psychologist      Pulmonologist      Rheumatologist      Social Worker In Conclusion…

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Your First Visit to the Rheumatologist

You just scheduled your first appointment with a rheumatologist – now what?  Whether you think you have lupus or not, you are probably feeling scared, confused, and tired of filling out repetitive forms … and maybe a bit alone.   Your body, your entire world may seem out of control.  Yet, you can take back…

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