Biology of Autoimmunity

Lupus and Infections

Infections are a significant cause of concern for those with lupus, accounting for up to 30% of all lupus deaths!  So, what are the risks, and what can be done to lower them? Introduction to Lupus and Infections Who are at the greatest risk of infection? Which infections pose the greatest risks? Can infections cause…

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Monoclonal Antibodies and Lupus

For some with lupus, monoclonal antibodies are life-changing medications that reduce the need for corticosteroids and immunosuppressants – and their side effects.  How do monoclonal antibodies work and are they an option for you?  Read on to find out! Introduction What are antibodies and what is so special about monoclonal antibodies? How do monoclonal antibodies…

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Lupus – B Cells, T Cells and the Immune System

When B cells and T cells don’t know when to quit – the result – is lupus.  Both are specialized blood cells that are critical for a healthy immune system, but they also cause the damage that comes with lupus.  Read on to learn more about how these cells are supposed to defend the body,…

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