Brain and Nervous System

Lupus and Neurotransmitters

Lupus can attack any part of the body, and that includes the brain – causing lupus fog, memory problems and even mood swings.  Neurotransmitters, are your brain’s chemical messengers and they are definitely part of the possible.  What are neurotransmitters and why does it matter to those living with lupus?  Read on to find out! …

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Lupus and Coffee

How many of us NEED a cup of coffee to start our day? Yet, what does it mean to consume coffee while living with lupus? The medical community is beginning to ask that question as well. Read on and find out about coffee and its impact on lupus. Introduction What Makes Coffee, Coffee? Coffee and…

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Lupus and the Brain

It is estimated that up to 75% of individuals with lupus experience symptoms related to the brain. While it is unclear what directly causes these symptoms, researchers agree that this is an area for continued research.   Introduction Anatomy of the Brain and its Role in the Central Nervous System What are the symptoms of…

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