The Dynamics of Relationships – Lupus, Family and Support Systems

Whether you consider your family as the family you were born or married into, the one you’ve created with your partner or spouse, or one you’ve hand-picked from close friends over the years, the strong support system these people provide in your life is as vital to your health and well-being as any medication that…

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Caring for the Caregiver: What You Need to Know

Lupus caregivers can also feel the strain of living with a chronic illness, often neglecting their own well-being while being attentive to others. So how can caregivers make sure to get the care they need?  Read on to find out. Introduction to Lupus and Caring for the Caregiver How can those with lupus support caregivers?…

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Running Out of Rheum: The Global Shortage of Rheumatologists!

The access, time, and attention you have with your rheumatologist are vital to your health and treatment planning.  However, with more rheumatologists retiring than going into the field, that access may become more challenging.  Read on to find out about the shortage of rheumatologists, and how this might affect you.   Introduction:  How big is…

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