mouth sores

Mouth Sores and Lupus

Contents: Introduction How is it diagnosed? What may be causing my mouth sores if it is not lupus? How are mouth sores treated? What can be done to help alleviate or prevent them How can my dentist help? In conclusion Introduction Much of the information about systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE) focuses on how the disease affects…

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Lupus and Hormones

Never underestimate the power of hormones. These potent chemical messengers help regulate almost every function of the human body … including the autoimmunity.  Find out more about how they may influence lupus, and how they may lead to future treatments Introduction to Lupus and Hormones What role do hormones play in autoimmune disease and lupus?…

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Lupus and Blood Disorders

It is estimated that 85% of lupus patients will experience some form of unhealthy blood condition. In this article, we will take a closer at the blood disorder risks, symptoms and treatments for individuals living with lupus.   Introduction What is blood? What causes a blood disorder? Diagnosing Blood Disorders Common Blood Disorders in Lupus…

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Lupus and the Endocrine System

THE ENDOCRINE SYSTEM:  A powerful infantry of glands that affect virtually every cell and organ in the body – that with one blow may have one down for the count, waving a white flag of surrender. Okay, that not might be the exact medical definition one would find on webMD, but for someone who suffers…

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STOP! LOOK! AND LISTEN! How to Get Your Doctor to Take You Seriously… In a Seriously Short Office Visit

Contents: How to Get Your Doctor to Take You Seriously… In a Seriously Short Office Visit Write Out Your Questions In Advance Speak Up! Check Your Fear At the Door Conclusion   How to Get Your Doctor to Take You Seriously… In a Seriously Short Office Visit Physicians now, more than ever, are in a…

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Lupus and the Eyes

Up to one-third of individuals with lupus will develop some form of eye complications. Learning about the signs, symptoms and treatment options can help maintain the health of your delicate eyes. Introduction A Brief Anatomy of the Eye What eye diseases may affect an individual with lupus? What causes eye disease in individuals with lupus?…

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Lupus and the Nervous System

Contents: Cognitive Dysfunction Migraines CNS Vasculitis Fibromyalgia Organic Brain Syndrome Central Nervous System Lupus Tests and Diagnostics Outlook   When you say your lupus is “getting on your nerves” you may be completely accurate.  Sadly, Lupus can attack the nervous system as easily as it can attack your joints, skin or any other part of…

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Systems Affected by Lupus

Living With Lupus: In What Ways Can Lupus Affect the Body?

Contents: Living With Lupus: How Can Lupus Affect the Body? Lupus Effect on the Body: A Head to Toe Listing In Conclusion   Living With Lupus: How Can Lupus Affect the Body?  In Lupus and other autoimmune diseases, the immune system begins to recognize and attack itself, going after and injuring healthy tissue. This can…

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Medications for Lupus…What is right for you?

Contents: What are some of the prescribed medications for lupus and how do I know what is right for me? The two main types of Lupus Overlap Diseases Common Lupus Medications Are There Any Alternative Lupus Medicines and/or Therapies?   Ok, so you’ve been diagnosed with lupus.  What now?     What are some of…

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